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The right paper sack for every product

Customized TENAX industrial sacks
for a wide range of products

TENAX produces high-quality paper sacks, individually adapted to the versatile requirements of a wide range of customers. The impeccable quality of our certified industrial sacks is our top priority – combined with first-class service. Whether for building materials, food, animal feed, seeds or chemical products: We develop customized paper sacks for you according to the requirements of your filling material and provide expert advice on various design options.

TENAX paper sacks guarantee safe transport and dry, product-compliant storage while maximizing user-friendliness. With our innovative industrial packaging, we ensure that your products reach the recipient undamaged. TENAX paper sacks are not only convincing due to their high quality and individual design: During the production of the paper sacks, we also take care to use the materials in a resource-saving manner and to produce recyclable packaging.

Typical applications of our paper sacks

Animal Feed

Building Materials



Chemical Products


Our TENAX carefree package:
100 % quality, 100 % service

For our customers, we are more than just a paper sack supplier. Thanks to modern production processes, short decision-making paths and highly qualified employees, we offer our clients first-class service. Right from the start, you will have a dedicated contact person at TENAX who will help you select the right paper sack and, if necessary, also coordinate on-site technical support. Our goal is to find the optimal packaging solution for your application – while maintaining the highest quality of our products.

Disappearing Sacks

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