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Valve sacks from TENAX
High quality industrial packaging made in Germany

Paper valve sacks are among the most popular industrial packaging – for good reason: in terms of filling performance, paper valve sacks impress with maximum filling speed, clearly outperforming sacks made of plastic. The reason for this lies in the quality of the kraft paper processed. TENAX uses only high-elongation Semi Clupak paper made from long-fiber softwoods, which ensures first-class TEA values and maximum air permeability.

Especially when packaging fine powder products – such as cement or flour – TENAX customers benefit from our high-quality sack designs, which guarantee absolute impermeability combined with high venting performance. In addition, TENAX paper valve sacks are convincing in terms of sustainability: they are made from renewable raw materials sourced from responsibly managed forests and can also be recycled up to eight times until they are disposed of in a biodegradable way.

Customized industrial packaging
TENAX valve sacks

TENAX valve sacks – high quality, high performance and tear resistant. These properties are common to all our sacks – you can define all other requirements yourself if required. TENAX paper valve sacks can be flexibly adapted to individual areas of application, different filling materials and different filling techniques. We also adapt 100 % to your needs in terms of dimensions and production quantities: we offer our high-quality valve sacks in formats ranging from a minimum of 18 x 25 x 7 cm to a maximum of 73 x 133 x 23 cm. They can hold from 2 to 170 liters, depending on your requirements. You are also free to choose the size of your paper sack batch. Whether it’s a repeat production or a large order: we are there for you and produce from 10,000 to 1 million paper sacks for you in one year.

Innovative valve technology
High-quality paper valve sacks from TENAX

The requirements for paper valve sacks are increasing from year to year. Clever valve designs are needed to provide the best possible protection for the packaged product and at the same time to ensure fast filling. Whether it’s self-closing filling openings, water-soluble thermal valves, or maximum filling speed with absolute impermeability, our experts will work with you to find optimal packaging solutions. In our in-house TENAX test laboratory, we develop tailor-made industrial sacks for you, which we produce in our modern machinery in compliance with the highest quality standards. To enable efficient further processing for you and pleasant handling for your customers, we also equip our valve sacks with various helpful product options if required, such as sturdy carrying handles or an anti-slip coating.

Common application areas of our paper sacks

Animal Feed

Building Materials



Chemical Products


Product options for your valve sack

They rely on TENAX paper sacks

» We support these and many other national as well as international brand manufacturers.

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