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Products from TENAX.
Our standard options.

TENAX Paper sacks

You are what you wear – and the right packaging is half the way to success. That’s why we develop your paper sack individually and tailor-made for your product. From design to production to high-quality printing, you always have the right contact for individual packaging solutions in our experienced TENAX employees.

Cross bottom sacks

Cross bottom sacks from TENAX – highest quality and uncomplicated filling

Valve sacks

Valve sacks from TENAX – innovative, high-performance and tailored to your needs

Our claim

Only high quality kraft papers – bleached and unbleached – are used for the production of the TENAX industrial sack. The material must meet the highest quality standards in terms of TEA values, porosity, slip resistance and printability. We are committed to producing only the best quality products. With our packaging solutions, you are safe.

Product options

We offer various innovative options for the individual optimization of your paper sacks.


In our modern production line we work with state-of-the-art machines and current technical standards.

Disappearing sacks

The patented technology of disappearing sacks saves both time and production waste – a plus for the environment and the budget.

TENAX product range

Each product of our customers is unique – therefore each paper sack should also be designed and produced individually. Depending on the goods, the area of application and the special usage requirements, we produce customized paper packaging for you.

Our high-quality valve sacks offer a suitable solution for every requirement in their diverse designs. The excellent energy absorption values as well as the air permeability of the processed paper ensure a high filling speed and reliable stability of the paper valve sacks.

  • Innovative valve designs
  • Demanding quality standards
  • Individual product optimization
  • Maximum venting performance

Cross bottom sacks from TENAX are manufactured under strict quality controls to meet the demands of our customers as well as strict food safety requirements. They are easy to fill and close, and reliably protect the contents from external influences.

  • Open design for fast filling
  • Highest TENAX material quality
  • HACCP certified production processes
  • Halal and Kosher compliant production

Production waste that simply disappears? The innovative Billerud D-Sack makes it possible. As a cement sack, it can be placed in the concrete mixer as a whole and it disintegrates into tiny paper fibers when combined with water and movement. The product quality remains unaffected, of course.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging solution
  • Economical reduction of disposal costs
  • Efficient minimization of expenditure
  • Optimized occupational safety through dust reduction

Our expert consultants will work with you to develop the optimum paper sack. Because we aim to meet every single customer requirement, you have a wide choice of numerous product options to perfect the performance of your industrial paper packaging.

  • Different valve variants for individual requirements
  • Barrier layers made of PE film for absolute impermeability
  • Patented special solutions
  • Product details for convenient handling

TENAX Expert consultation

In order to support you as soon as possible with your specific challenge, we ask you 4 questions about your project. A qualified contact person will get back to you as quickly as possible (Mon – Thurs, 8 am – 5 pm and Fri, 8 am – 1 pm).

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