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TENAX paper sacks for foods

Maximum cleanliness and hygiene guaranteed

With our high-quality and certified TENAX paper sacks, we ensure optimum product protection for food products such as flour, spices, dried fruit or powdered milk. We ensure maximum food safety with a comprehensive hygiene concept along the entire supply chain. To guarantee a consistently high level of protection for the filled goods to be packaged, we regularly carry out migration tests, supplier audits, and various safety precautions based on an HACCP analysis. In this way, we ensure that your foods arrive safely and optimally protected at the end consumer.

We offer our customers first-class service with competent, personal advice. This includes making suitable paper sacks according to individual requirements to ensure the best possible product quality and fast filling and delivery processes. Our all-round service also includes halal and kosher certification of our TENAX paper sacks. What unites all our products is the high quality standard of material and processing. We use only fresh, unground softwood fibers, which ensure maximum stability of the sacks. Special protective barriers and varnishes guarantee dry and safe transportation of the goods, so that they keep their quality until they are used.

Amongst others, suitable for


Hygienic and safe packaging of different types of grain


Customized paper sacks for optimal storage and safe transport

Flour and starch

Dust-free and dry packaging of various types of flour and starch


Dry and protected packaging for consistently high aroma variety


Certified quality packaging for herbs and spices

and many more

Various food products safely and securely packed in TENAX paper sacks

They rely in TENAX paper sacks

We support these and many other national as well as international brand manufacturers.

Product options for your paper sack

Strictest hygiene precautions
for impeccable product quality

Numerous legal regulations apply to the production of food paper sacks, ensuring the highest hygiene standards and preventing any product damage. In addition to complying with current national and EU regulations and laws, at TENAX we continuously conduct migration testing and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) analysis to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene and smooth process operations. We are committed to impeccable quality with regular testing of our paper sacks, ensuring that your food reaches the consumer safely and securely. Our hygiene precautions include, for example, protecting the paper for the sacks from moisture and mold as good as we can during storage, and regularly checking our adhesives to prevent risks such as contamination by foreign substances. Our suppliers also have to undergo ongoing verification to ensure that they comply with the high hygiene and safety measures in sack production. In addition, we offer our customers the possibility of tracking each individual sack via numbering in the side seam of the paper sacks – a particular added value that can save time and money, especially in the event of product recalls.

Your „one of a kind” sack for maximum economic efficiency
We plan and design the most economical paper sack packaging for you. Focus always on:


Best possible product protection
Functional added value for your customers 
Resource-saving production 
Increase in filling speed

Common application areas for our paper sacks

Animal Feed

Building Materials



Chemical Products


Disappearing paper sacks



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