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Zero Waste industrial sacks by TENAX
It’s like they were never there: Disappearing paper sacks

Urbanization continues unabated, with new buildings springing up on every corner. The consumption of building materials is higher than ever before. Every day, countless industrial sacks of concrete mix are carried across construction sites, laboriously opened and dumped into the concrete mixer causing large clouds of dust.

How about industrial packaging that solves these problems and protects the environment at the same time?
Our cooperation partner Billerud has thought further about industrial packaging made of paper and created exactly what sounds almost impossible. The Billerud D-Sack does not dissolve into thin air – but it does disintegrate in the concrete mixer. Without sacrificing packaging quality and safety.

Climate positive!
No waste – no emissions during disposal: TENAX paper sacks to put into the concrete mixer.

Like all TENAX industrial packaging, the Billerud D-Sack is completely recyclable and compostable. However, these properties are not really necessary. Because the D-Sack can be placed unopened in the concrete mixer and disintegrates into tiny paper fibres within minutes through water and movement, there is no packaging waste to recycle after the job is done. So the environment is not burdened by the emissions of waste recycling. On the contrary! The CO2 stored in the wood used is not released when the paper sack decomposes and is therefore fully absorbed into the fabric of the building. This makes the Billerud D-Sack not only a sustainable but also a climate-positive packaging.

100 % TENAX quality
Disappearing packaging with convincing properties

In terms of quality, the disappearing paper sack is on a par with conventional industrial packaging. The D-Sack fully complies with the TENAX quality standard. The disappearing sack guarantees maximum impermeability and optimum product protection. The D-Sack disintegrates into tiny paper fibres during the concrete mixing process. The fibres left behind only make up a minimum of the ready-mixed concrete. Tests carried out by third parties have not shown any effect of the residual fibres on the final mixed product (cement or mortar). However, such tests are the responsibility of the user.
Despite its special properties, the D-Sack guarantees the same durability and shelf life as conventional cement sacks. The D-Sack also protects your product from rain and moisture. And just like the classic paper sack, the D-Sack can be printed in the highest quality – so your brand will shine through on the disappearing industrial sack.
Your customers will also thank you for the D-Sack, because in addition to the „disappearing“ low recycling costs, the unused residual quantities in the packaging and the clouds of dust during mixing also tend towards zero. This protects the lungs and therefore the health of the processors in the long term.

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Disappearing paper sacks



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