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TENAX paper sacks for chemical products

For maximum protection and highest safety

When transporting and storing chemical products and hazardous goods, it is essential not to compromise on quality and safety. Our TENAX paper sacks enable dust-free filling and packaging of powdered or free-flowing products and guarantee maximum tear resistance, stability and impermeability. We create individual solutions for our customers by adapting our paper sacks to the requirements of the respective product and production conditions. At the same time, we pay attention to complete documentation and, if required, set up sack-specific tracking of your products to ensure the highest possible safety.

Our intelligent TENAX sack designs, including maximum-tightness thermovalve closures, guarantee maximum user-friendliness in product filling and packaging. Especially with powdered products, it is a particular challenge to eliminate dust formation. We therefore use highly porous kraft papers as inner liners for our sacks and combine these with perforated or non-perforated barrier layers as required.

Amongst others, suitable for…

Precipitated silica

Safe and dry transport of universally applicable silicas


Dust-free filling and packaging of aluminum oxide, lead oxide and many other oxides


Dry and dust-free transport of pigments in TENAX paper sacks

Amino acids

Safe, clean and dry storage and transport of powdered amino acids

and many more

Individual sack designs for a wide range of chemical products

They rely on TENAX paper sacks

We support these and many other national as well as international brand manufacturers.

Product options for your paper sack

Attention, dangerous goods!
UN-certified paper sacks for maximum safety.

When storing and transporting hazardous goods, safety is paramount.
That’s why our TENAX paper sacks are UN-certified and thus comply with the current requirements of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance and are approved as dangerous goods packaging with the performance letters Y and Z. This regulation also includes that the sacks meet all prescribed requirements for strength and stretchability, which is regularly tested in various test procedures. Based on the so-called UN number, a four-digit substance number for hazardous goods, we determine which regulations apply to the packaging and transport of the respective product and select the appropriate sack according to the assigned packaging group. Incidentally, our UN-certified paper sacks are subject to extended product liability: in the event that hazardous goods should leak out due to faulty sack production, TENAX is liable as the packaging manufacturer from filling through transport to storage.

Your „one of a kind” sack for maximum economic efficiency
We plan and design the most economical paper sack packaging for you. Focus always on:


Best possible product protection
Functional added value for your customers 
Resource-saving production 
Increase in filling speed

Common application areas of our paper sacks

Animal Feed

Building materials



Chemical products


Disappearing paper sacks



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