The sustainable packaging solution.

Environmental protection based on renewable resources.


Products and their packaging not only have to fulfill demanding design standards. They also have to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Packaging based on renewable resources.

The TENAX industrial sack is manufactured using renewable resources. It is biodegradable and serves as a natural CO2 sink. As a result, the TENAX industrial bag’s carbon footprint is significantly lower than that of other packaging materials.

Recycling and preparation by REPASACK GmbH

REPASACK GmbH provides environmentally friendly recycling of TENAX industrial bags after they have been used. The REPASACK system guarantees the correct return and processing of used paper sacks from commercial and industrial operations in accordance with packaging regulations. The material is cleaned and prepared. Substances which cannot be recycled are removed.

This processing system for used paper sacks is a worldwide one of a kind. TENAX is a shareholder of REPASACK GmbH. Further information about the REPASACK system is available at


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