Your customer benefits at TENAX.

We work for you.


For every product and every filling method

Your product, packaged in our specially designed industrial bag – made to your unique specifications. Up to four layers of high-quality paper or film, with a modern filling system, our patented aerating and ventilation system together with numerous customized extras – Industrial bags made by TENAX.

Flexible production and modern machinery 

We continuously invest in our machinery in order to offer you top-class product quality combined with consistently high availability. We work with our long-standing partner Windmöller & Hölscher, with whom we have carried out projects such as a production line featuring “digital pasting” and an inner bottom capping unit, which was unique worldwide at the time.

First-class print image

We design your industrial bag to your design specifications and to match your corporate design. This is why we use the flexographic printing process with 8 colors.

We develop for you

We are not content to simply rest on our laurels. We place great importance in integrating promising new materials and developments into our portfolio – always with the goal of continuously improving the quality and characteristics of our industrial bags.

Top-performance industrial bag

“One size fits all” is rarely an option for our customers’ products. With special designs for high-efficiency or application-optimized material selection: Your TENAX industrial bag can be effortlessly enhanced and modified.