A paper sack – for many people just packaging. For us, so much more!


Paper is essential for our industrial development – as a writing material, as a raw material, and also as a packaging material. A packaging material that consists of renewable resources, and produced in the form of a paper sack for over 150 years.

This is what TENAX stands for

The TENAX company stands for tradition, innovation and German engineering expertise. Since 1917, we have been constantly working on enhancing the industry’s efficiency and performance – with environmentally packaging solutions for a broad spectrum of products.

A traditional, family-owned German company! 

TENAX is a traditional, family-owned German company, and part of the Graf von Spee corporate group. For decades we have numbered among the preferred suppliers for high quality packaging, both domestically and internationally.

Modern, high-performance, innovative!

TENAX has over 100 employees in Germany, and supplies customers throughout the entire world. Through constant investments in our personnel and our production sites TENAX is continuously growing, and has become one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of high-quality paper sacks, with one of the most advanced and high-performance production facilities.

TENAX-Geschäftsführer Rheinhard Schulze-Edinghausen